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Bill McGowan

Author, Motivational Speaker, Business Consultant

About Bill

Bill McGowan was born and grew up in New Zealand and currently resides in Sydney, Australia with his family.


Bill has been self-employed in various businesses since the early 70s and is now semi-retired. He started and sold a number of businesses over the past 50 years. (Peninsular Mowing, Container Packaging Ltd, Better Freight Ltd, Better Freight Security Division & the Fastway Group of Companies)  


In early 1983, he established the franchised business known as Fastway Couriers. Fastway became a household name in Australia and New Zealand in the transport, postal and franchising sectors. The business was also developed internationally. 

When he started Fastway, he was shocked at how many potential franchises had no idea about running their own business, so he developed many franchisee training programmes and manuals to assist them in understanding how to operate their own business. During his Fastway years, Bill worked in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Northern Island, Holland, Morocco & South Africa.


Bill has extensive business experience and has been a guest speaker for many years at conferences & corporate events in over 30 Countries around the World, focusing on topics such as franchising, goal setting, growing sales, managing sales teams, team building, corporate change, motivation, marketing, recruitment, logistics, business& market place change, research and business planning.

Bill’s first book “Be Your Own Boss” was published in March 2023. “Be Your Own Boss” is an information source for people thinking of starting or buying a business based on Bill’s 50 years of business experience. The book has been designed as a guide to help people organise their thoughts and to decide whether being their own boss is really for them. Bill used everyday language and tried to make the book easy to understand.  Starting a new business is complex at the best of times and his aim has been to make this process as manageable as possible.

Once the Fastway business was sold in 2016 Bill established his consulting business and has worked with global companies, in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, The Caribbean, United States of America and throughout South America.  Bill has teamed up with David Binks and Steve Panazzo.    Bill, David and Steven work as a great team at conferences or corporate events.  The team has worked together at many extremely successful franchising, accounting, transport, logistics and recruitment events. Steven’s cartoonist talents, coincide extremely well with Bill & David’s motivating methods of presenting and they provide a lasting memory, reinforcing the numerous messages long after the event. 

Fastway Couriers: (Mar 1983 to Jan 2017)


  • Founder and Chairman of the Fastway group of companies (1983) which include Fastway Ltd, Fastway Global Ltd, Australian Couriers (Aust) Pty Ltd, Fastway Couriers (NZ) Ltd, Fastway Technologies Ltd, Fastway Properties Ltd, Fastway Franchising Ltd, Tushery Holdings Ltd and Fastway Post New Zealand Ltd.

  • Fastway Couriers NZ and Fastway Couriers Australia have been recognised as the ‘Franchise System of the Year’ on three occasions.

  • Fastway Couriers Australia was recognised by BRW magazine in March 1998 as the fastest-growing private company in Australia, with growth of 14,557% (fourteen thousand, five hundred and fifty-seven per cent) for the previous five years.

  • Group turnover exceeded half a billion dollars per annum.

  • Fastway Couriers had over 2,000 franchisees

  • Fastway began franchising in 1983 - (30 plus years of franchising experience).

  • Bill was the Director of numerous Fastway associated companies

  • Fastway is one of Australia's largest domestic courier operators.

  • Fastway’s global expansion exceeded that of any other New Zealand franchise system.

  • Over 3,000 people earnt a living from the Fastway network.

  • Fastway Couriers had operations in:  New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Northern Island, South Africa when it was sold to Aramex.




  • 1986 - NZ Entrepreneur of the Year (Air NZ Enterprise Award)

  • 1994 - Export Marketing Award (Television New Zealand & Marketing Magazine)

  • 1994 – BRW magazine fastest-growing private company list

  • 1995 - BRW magazine fastest-growing private company list

  • 1996 - BRW magazine fastest-growing private company list

  • 1997 - BRW magazine fastest-growing private company list

  • 1998 - BRW magazine Number 1 fastest growing private company in Australia, with growth of 14,557%.

  • 2000 - Award for ‘Exemplary role model in the international franchise industry’ (SIFA &

             Singapore Trade Development Board)

  • 2000 - Business Review Weekly – Top 100 Fastest growing private companies

  • 2001 & 2002 - Australian Franchise System of the year

  • 2002 - ‘Outstanding Achievement Award’ from the Franchise Association of New Zealand

  • 2003 - Inducted into the Franchising Hall of Fame in Australia in 2003 (FCA)

  • 2005 – Awarded life membership of the Franchise Association of New Zealand

  • 2007 - Westpac Franchise System of the year (business Services)

  • 2009 – Yum Awards for outstanding contributions to the community

  • 2009 – Westpac Supreme Franchise of the year

  • 2009 - FCA Field manager of the year award

  • 2010 - Irish Franchise Association of the year award

  • 2010 – Irish Chamber of Commerce – Best business growth

  • 2010 - NZ Master Franchise of the year & Business Franchise of the year

  • 2011 - Irish Franchise Association – Franchisee of the Year Midlands Region

  • 2011 - South African Franchise Association – Runner up – Newcomer Franchisor of the year and Franchisor of the year.

  • 2012 - Irish Franchise Association – Franchisor of the year service industry

  • 2012 - Irish Chamber of Commerce – Best business growth

  • Over 35 franchise and industry awards received by Fastway


Involvement in the Franchise Community

  • Past Chairman of the World Franchise Council for three years and Australia's representative.

  • Past Chairman of the Franchise Council of Australia National Board and NSW Chapter.  Longest serving President of the NSW FCA Chapter.

  • Developed the "First Step Dispute Resolution Process" for the Fastway Franchise Network which is now widely used and accepted within the franchising community.

  • Global guest speaker and motivator within franchising and transport circles as well as within the business community in general throughout the world. (Guest speaker at Franchise conferences in 35 countries)

  • Through the World Franchise Council Bill has also been involved in making Franchising submissions to numerous Countries, the European Union and Unidriot.

  • Inducted to the Franchise Hall of Fame of Australia

  • Awarded “Exemplary Role Model of the International Franchise Community.” 

  • Life member of the NZ Franchise association.

  • Past chairman of the Australian Franchising Hall of Fame Committee.


Wider Business and Community Involvement

  • Has been a past key spokesperson for the Transport Industry and Franchise sector - involved in making submissions to numerous International Governments.

  • Past Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport.

  • Past Fellow Member of the Institute of Directors 

  • Past Member of numerous Chambers of Commerce  

  • Founder of the HB Child Cancer Support Foundation and Children in Need, charity trusts.

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The W.A. McGowan Consultancy Team

The WA McGowan Consultancy team is at your disposal at any time of the day to help you solve your business challenges and improve the growth and efficiency of your business.

Each consultant operates their own business under their own ABN.

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