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Do You Have What It Takes To Be Your Own Boss?

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Register your interest in attending a future “Be Your Own Boss” going into business seminar.

Helping You Analyise Your Business Ability

  • This seminar is an information source for people thinking of starting or buying a business.  It has been designed as a guide to help you organise your thoughts and to decide if being their Own Boss is really for you.  

  • Starting a new business is complex at the best of times and our aim is to make the process as manageable as possible.

  • How well are you suited to running your own business? 

  • This seminar focuses on giving you the tools to analyse your suitability to run your own business using your personal wheel of fortune.

We'll also cover

The Presenters

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Presenter: Bill McGowan - Author & Consultant

Bill McGowan is the author of the newly released book “Be Your Own Boss”, and leads the W.A.M Consultants advisory team, solving business challenges, that improve growth and efficiency. 

Bill has been self-employed in various businesses since the 70’s, starting and selling many businesses over the past 50 years.  In early 1983, he established the franchised business known as Fastway Couriers.  


Fastway became a household name in Australia and New Zealand in the transport and franchising sectors. The business was also developed internationally. When he started Fastway, he was shocked at how many potential franchisees had no idea about running their own business, so Bill developed many franchisee training programs and manuals to assist them in understanding how to operate their own business.  


Bill has extensive business experience and has been a guest speaker for many years at conferences & corporate events in over 30 Countries around the world, focusing on topics such as franchising, goal setting, growing sales, managing sales teams, team building, corporate change, motivation, marketing, recruitment, logistics, business & market place change, research and business planning.

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Presenter: David Binks - Senior Sales Consultant

During his 30 years in Sales Consultancy, David has developed intimate client relationships with leading Australian and global organisations across many industry types.

 David is an experienced sales recruitment, training and international sales performance coach, specialising in value-based selling. He specialises in sales leadership and management development, sales negotiation, key account management, target pursuit selling, growing market share, and increasing sales conversion and yields through face-to-face selling methods.  


In addition to sales and business training, he is also an expert in leading and managing positive culture change. David’s innovative mindset seminar will help you determine your behaviour, outlook and mental attitude and definitely have a positive effect on your business future and development.


Presenter: Steve Panozzo - Professional Cartoonist

 Steve Panozzo is a professional cartoonist and caricaturist, working primarily in newsprint since 1984. His newspaper career began at The Manly Daily, then Weekly Neighbourhood Newspapers in Perth, followed by a decade back in Sydney at The Australian and The Daily Telegraph. He is currently the resident cartoonist for The Australian Journal of Pharmacy. 


Steve has been a frequent finalist in the annual Bald Archy Prize since 2001. He produces a range of artwork for corporate clients, as well as drawing "live' caricatures at conferences, events and weddings. He is a life member of the Australian Cartoonists' Association and currently serves on the Board. He is the recipient of several cartooning awards, including Rotary Cartoon Awards in 2015, 2020 and 2021, and the Jim Russell Award in 2010 for his outstanding contribution to Australian cartooning.

Steve’s cartoonist talents coincide extremely well with Bill & David’s motivating methods of presenting and they provide a lasting memory, reinforcing the numerous messages long after the event.       

Register your interest in attending a future “Be Your Own Boss” going into business seminar.

Thank you for your registration.  We will be in touch soon to confirm and provide further details on the event.​If you have any questions, please

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